Monday, November 5, 2012

Yup...We're Free!

  There's not much in life that's free.  Maybe that's why I'm often asked, re-asked and then asked again if we really are 100% free!  I'm pleased to say that "YUP, we are!"

  Making a free service was at the forefront of my decision making.  My mission with the site was to create a service that communicates a gift-option to make gift-giving simpler and convenient for guests and recipients.  I want to encourage the giving of great gifts and promote items that will be enjoyed for a long-time. Charging a user fee or withholding a percentage of ones' contributions would only discourage the use of the site. 

We're really quite simple:

1- You register the gift
2- You get the funds (either through Paypal or from guests at the event)
3- You buy the gift

  So relax, register, and enjoy a great gift for your special someone!  We're not gonna take your money! 

**Please note: When receiving contributions though Paypal, Paypal standard usage fees apply.


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