Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sport WishGifts

Photo Credit: Lounge Park/Getty Images; from Redbook
For some, Saturday is the chance to sleep-in.  It's the preferred day of the week with no alarms, no lunches to be made and no rushing.  It's just a day to unwind and relax.  If your Saturday morning resembles this, clearly you don't have children.  A typical Saturday morning with children involves an early wake-up, a speedy breakfast and a mad dash to either hockey practice, swimming lessons, gymnastics practice, dance lessons...  (and if you're not doing this on Saturday, chances are this your typical Sunday).

It's no secret that exposing children to activities and a healthy lifestyle is crucial in developing long-term healthy habits.  It's good for their development and self-esteem AND they have the energy to spare.  Despite the endless list of positives, Canadian parents invest an average of $1,658 per year on their kids’ sports activities (Peters, D-  This includes the cost of the activity, the equipment, gas and food.

One of my favourite things about using WishGift for a child's birthday present is being able to register beyond toys and sport lessons is a perfect alternative!  To date, WishGift has been used to group-gift gymnastics lessons, karate lessons, skiing lessons and skating lessons with Dynowear equipment.  We know that guests are often looking for gift-ideas so registering lessons and/or equipment for your child's favourite sport makes the perfect group-gift.

So the next time you're wondering why you don't have money to spare, consider creating a WishGift for your child's perfect gift.

3rd birthday WishGift included:
skating lessons, skates, helmet 
and protective pants and gloves from 


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