Monday, November 12, 2012

User Testimonial

R. Hargreaves, 1971

When it comes to new users using WishGift to register a gift, I love getting feedback.  Parents often relate to the problem of their children having too many toys and like the idea of a group-gift, while some parents like the idea, but hesitate cause they think their child will be upset by not receiving as many gifts.  Whatever the thought, I enjoy getting the discussion started and welcome feedback or comments.
Most recently, a mom registered a swingset for her daughter's first birthday.  Below is an excerpt of her thoughts after using the site.

 I just wanted to thank-you for creating WishGift!  
We really have soooo many toys already and hand me down clothes
 that there was really very little we needed as gifts.  
Having our guests chip in towards a swingset just made so much sense...."

In this mom's case, the gift registered was quite pricey and although the full amount wasn't covered, she received all the funds and went on to say

"We will be making up the difference 
but don't mind cause we will soon have a beautiful swingset 
for the kids to play with for a good 10 years at least! 
 Thanks again WishGift!"  
Steph L.

Thanks for giving us a try and thanks for the user testimonial Steph L.!

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