Sunday, February 10, 2013

A Broadway Camp Birthday

"Where has the time gone?" is the classic statement made when a child's birthday rolls around and this week I can't believe that a special little girl is turning six-years-old.  She's not my daughter, nor my niece but is the first baby I ever held, fed or babysat!  She's a beautiful, intelligent, mature and extremely animated child!

So...what do you get for a child who's over dolls, dress-up and most of the toys in her playroom??

Luckily, her mom thought of "us" (those racking their brains for gift-ideas) and registered the MOST perfect gift and experience for this little drama queen.  The specialized 10 day Broadway Camp focuses on dance, theater, vocals and art.  Although the program comes with a hefty price tag, group-gifting makes it an affordable, sure-to-be loved gift and I'm just hoping to get her reaction on video!

What's up with camp prices??

I attended city camp for most of my upbringing.  The $400 a summer price tag was an affordable way to keep me occupied, active and safe and has left me with awesome memories.  Obviously I didn't think camp prices were the same and was anticipating a higher cost but was shocked to hear that the average price of city camp (with extended day) was $1700...for 1 child!!  Would love to hear how parents of 2+ children afford that??


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