Wednesday, February 6, 2013

2013 Swingset Presale + 20% off from Toys R Us Canada

An awesome WishGift is a truly desired gift but with a price tag that makes it impossible for one person to get on their own.  The #1 registered WishGift for kids has been the SwingSet and it's not hard to see why.

Whether it's cause we want to encourage outdoor active play or want them out of our hair, a swingset gets kids active and outside.  It keeps them busy for long periods of time and wears them out...double positive!  The major downfall is that the cost of a swingset is equivalent to a monthly mortgage payment and makes affording one difficult for the average household.

A great sign that Spring is on its way is the release of the new 2013 swingset models.  For the month of February, you can pre-order and receive 20% off all wooden swingsets $799.99 and up from ToysRUs Canada.

Although swingsets are available year round from various stores, taking advantage of the Swingset promo coupled with a registered WishGift for your child's birthday is the easiest, most convenient and most affordable way to get one for your home.


1- Find your favourite swingset
2- Register it for FREE on
3- Invite guests to contribute towards it (in lieu of a wrapped gift)
4- Use the funds received to buy the swingset

Happy Shopping!!

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