Tuesday, March 19, 2013

KidKraft Magestic Mansion Post-Play Product Review

Average Price in Canada: $215.00

We once lost my daughter!  She was 3 1/2 years old, we are at a birthday party, all the kids were playing outside and she was gone!! We couldn't find her in the group of kids and she wasn't with the adults.  (Obviously, this wasn't the panicky lost-my-child scenario and we found her easily by checking indoors).  There she was; quietly sitting in her friend's room completely enamoured by her friend's dollhouse.  Just watching by the doorway as she played, I knew that WishGifting a dollhouse for her fourth birthday would be the perfect gift!

We chose to WishGift the Majectic Mansion Playhouse by KidKraft due to its high review ratings, wood furniture and because it was available at Costco.ca at a competitive rate that included free shipping.


My husband, who is super handy and patient, assembled the dollhouse and his feedback was:

- Took about 4-5 hours
     -approximately 1 hour to sort all 46 pieces and 136 hardware pieces.
     -approximately 1 hour to figure out the structure and organize the structure.
     -approximately 2.5 hours to build.
- All pieces fit together easily and everything lined up

When Done:
- The dollhouse measures close to 4 ft. tall.
- The house is super solid, sturdy and beautifully decorated
- The moving doors and elevator work perfectly and are easy to move.
- Looks adorable when the solid wood furniture is placed.

Assembly Instructions:

KidKraft Customer Service:

Two furniture pieces came broken in the box; the bathtub was cracked and the chandelier was missing an arm.  I sent an email message to KidKraft customer service and they immediately sent the replacement pieces.  Customer service was courteous, efficient and hassle-free.

Post-Play Review:

Aliah has had her dollhouse for 9 months.  It has held up perfectly and has absolutely no signs of wear or damage.  The elevator still goes up and down smoothly and none of the furniture is chipped or broken.  This is quite surprising since the furniture pieces have been dropped and thrown lots by my 2- year-old son.  She still loves the house and plays with it often, especially when friends come over.

Complimentary Add-ons:

-The best part about the Majestic Mansion Dollhouse was its compatibility with Barbie and other toy dolls.  Barbie easily fits and can be maneuvered around the house.   Although she fits in the elevator she is too big to lie down on the bed or fit in the bathtub.  Regardless, other smaller dolls fit perfectly and it doesn't affect playtime.

Final Thoughts:

- This dollhouse is incredible and has everything!
- My daughter LOVES the Majestic Mansion Dollhouse and often plays with it.
- It takes patience and time to build.
- It's quite large so make sure you have the space.
- It's compatible with most toy dolls (so all those toy dolls in your daughter's future, WILL be played with).
- High quality structure and furniture. After 9 months of play, the dollhouse and furniture still look brand new!

**All content of this review is solely my own. My opinion, my experiences and my thoughts.  All about being honest to help you choose the right product.

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