Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Ski WishGift: 4 year old gift-idea

  While at a child's birthday party, how often have you watched the birthday boy or girl, often unenthusiastically, open a slew of gifts only to see that the very item you purchased has just been unwrapped?  How often have you heard parents say that his/her child has "so many toys" while questioning where to put the new birthday loot?  Have you ever thought that the money spent on the wrapped gifts your child received could have been put towards something amazing?

  I have been group-gifting for four years now and our latest WishGift has been a complete success.  I began group-gifting in 2008 after guests at my daughter's birthday offered to contribute towards a swing set we had purchased in lieu of a traditional wrapped gift.  The result culminated with my guests expressing how much easier they found it to contribute towards a big item while I was left feeling shocked at the beautiful swing set that stood in our backyard (Click here to read about it)

  Since I have been registering group-gifts as a gift option for a several years now, many of my guests expect me to register something on for my kids' birthdays.  They find that an online group-gift contribution makes their lives easier since they no longer have to think about what to get, shop for the gift and then worry that we already have the item.  They simply contribute to a gift or activity with no worries.   My guests also know that there is no expectation and that we are very appreciative for whatever gift-method they choose (we even condone "no-gifts' but that never works).  For us, having a group-gift means giving our kids an opportunity (or item) that we would have not been able to afford on our own (am I the only parent who finds most activities or sports for kids super pricey?!?). 

  For our daughter's 6th birthday, we registered equestrian lessons at our local Pony-Club.  The experience that Aliah had during her 10 week session was so incredible and lifelong, we chose to stick with an activity WishGift for our son's 4th birthday. 

  Choosing an activity for Scott was quite easy.  My son has always been agile, active and fearless.  It took 1 Warren Miller video to see his eyes light up as he watched people plow, twist, jump and turn down a mountain.   For his WishGift reveal on the day of his birthday, we bought him a helmet that he unwrapped in front of everyone (we always have the gift or part of the gift ready to be unwrapped) and shared with our guests that he was registered for a 10 week session of ski lessons.

  Check out the smile on his face when he told him he would be learning ski.  I doubt another Superhero toy would have elicited such joy.

  Fast-Forward 3 months and we are now 1 week away from his first lesson.  Yesterday, he went to the hill to take his ski school picture and then to the ski store to rent his equipment (many ski stores now rent new equipment for the season).  He was professionally fitted for his boots and got to choose his skis.  When he came home he proudly showed off his new gear and giggled as he waddled around the house with his new ski boots and skis.  I have no doubt that this $500 WishGift was a great choice that he will remember for years to come.  Can't wait to share all the pics I'll be taking with my family and friends that made this WishGift possible.

Trying out his new gear

 January 6th 2015

Scott had his first lesson and absolutely LOVES it!  The only problem we have is that he has NO fear and thus no desire to stop.

Thanks to everyone who helped us celebrate his 4th birthday and for making 

this WishGift happen.  There is no shortage of smiles when he is on the 


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