Saturday, November 15, 2014

Toys that make children happy

If you have children you are probably spending lots and lots (and lots) of money on toys or gifts for kids.  You have probably also at some point asked yourself why the $20 to $25 range of toys looks so chinsey.  It seems like the cost of toys and gifts for kids is constantly rising (have you seen the price of a Monster High DOLL?!?) and to get a substantial looking gift, group-gifting is a viable option.  

The National Toy Hall of Fame released the Top 10 Toys that have been enjoyed and loved for generations.  Do you think it is the more simple, non-expensive toys or the high ranged, pricey toys that made the cut?  Check out the link below to see what made the list. 

Bonus photo number 11 is definitely a hit for my 4-year-old.  There is definitely no better toy he could receive!


Top 10 Toys at the National Toy Hall of Fame

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