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LeapPad 2 Post-Play Product Review

Average Price in Canada: $79.99

During the 2012 holiday season, several of my family members were looking for gift ideas for my then 4 year-old daughter and 2 year-old son.  I was intrigued by the LeapPad 2 tablet because of it's durability, educational game selection for both genders and the ability to create multiple user profiles.  Furthermore, we had friends whose children had and loved the LeapPad 2.  As always, I had read reviews on the tablet prior so I was aware that games were relatively pricey and that batteries would have to be changed often.
We WishGifted the LeapPad2, rubberized skin case, a/c adapter and 2 additional games for $135.00 CDN

Post-Play Review (March 2014):

We have had the LeapPad 2 for 1 year and 2 months.  Both my daughter and son (now 5 and 3 years old) have been using the tablet and I like that I was able to create separate user profiles with games for each of them.  We do not have many games since they are so pricey but my daughter enjoys the apps that came with the tablet (especially the camera and artstudio) and the Disney Tangled Learning Game app we purchased.  My son, although younger, is not as engaged by the apps that came on the tablet but he does enjoy the Cars 2 Ultra Ebook app we purchased.

Do they Play with it?

Although I had lots of opportunity to teach about "sharing" when they first got the LeapPad 2, there wasn't too much arguing over the tablet 6 months after they got it.  My son is (and has always been) much less interested by the tablet than my daughter however I noticed that my daughter's enjoyment began to decrease 9 months after getting it (granted she didn't have much of a variety).  In December 2013, I noticed that the LeapPad 2 had been tucked away in a drawer but since pulling it out, I have revived the tablet's novelty.

Update Issue:

The LeapPad 2 was in a drawer for about 3 months before I took it out and my kids acted like they had a new toy.  It worked for approximately 1 month and then needed a software update.  No big deal however,  updating the LeapPad 2 was NOT EASY!
I'm fairly computer savvy but was unable to update the tablet on my own.  I installed the LeapFrog Connect application on my Mac, opened the program however it would never open and would eventually freeze my computer.

To update the LeapPad 2, follow the steps below:

2) Plug the LeapPad 2 to the computer with the white connecting wire but keep the tablet OFF (mine actually wouldn't even turn on)

3) Open the LeapFrog Connect application

4) Click "On This LeapPad"

 5) NOW turn on the LeapPad 2 tablet

6) Don't touch it! The tune up will began automatically

 ** It took less than 1 minute to go from 0%-40% but the update took longer from this point on.  I was stuck at 40% for about 5 minutes and was then stuck at 80% for about 10 minutes.  During the update, the LeapPad 2 shut off but when I turned it back on, it just continued the update from where it left off (40%).  In total, it took about 20 minutes to update the LeapPad 2.

Final Thoughts: 

- My daughter (the oldest of my two children) has always seemed to enjoy the LeapPad 2 tablet more than her younger brother.
- The novelty of having their very own tablet lasted about 6 months.
- My kids "re-discovered" their LeapPad 2 after it was in a drawer for about 3 months but have been enjoying it since.
- I was going crazy trying to figure out how to update the LeapPad 2.  Once I figured out the specifics (when to open the program, when to turn on the tablet...) the update ran smoothly but took approximately 20 minutes to complete.

**All content of this review is solely my own. My opinion, my experiences and my thoughts.  All about being honest to help you choose the right product.

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