Saturday, September 22, 2012

"A Perfect Partnershp"

"As co-founder of the "WishGift" venture, I've often been asked "What attracted you to the whole idea?".  Well let me share with you a little of our background....
Rheanna & I first met through mutual friends but we really connected when we walked in the Weekend to End Breast Cancer, both in memory of lost love ones.  Even back then we worked really well as a team, so of course I was thrilled to join her on this new and exciting adventure.  Both on maternity leave for our second children and overwhelmed with the growing abundance of toys and the oh so often asked “what does she need?”, Rheanna had the idea of a website to make gift-giving effortless.  Wow…fantastic…I loved it!  Of course starting a business can be a daunting task but as a team, it just seemed tangible.  The adventure then began.  We’ve come a long way and learned many new things and looking back on the past year and what we’ve achieved I can honestly smile and say “Wish It, Get It” ;). "

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